FBI Admits ‘Protocols Were Not Followed’ After Receiving Jan. 5 Tip On Florida Shooting Suspect

In what CNN’s John Berman called a “stunning admission,” the FBI has said that someone close to Nikolas Cruz, the Florida shooter, called the FBI Public Access Line to report concerning behavior from Cruz and that protocol was not followed to alert higher authorities.

The person who called the line reported Cruz’s ownership of a gun, his erratic behavior, disturbing social media posts, and the potentiality of him conducting a school shooting, according to a statement released by the FBI.

“We are still investigating the facts,” FBI director Christopher Wray said in the statement. “We have spoken with victims and families, and deeply regret the additional pain this causes all those affected by this horrific tragedy.”

If protocol was observed, the information provided by the caller would have been considered a potential threat to life and forwarded to the FBI Miami field office. This was not done for reasons currently unknown.

“This is the FBI admitting that they dropped the ball,” Berman said. “They were told everything.”

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