Fmr. Clinton Adviser Philippe Reines on Bomb Scare: How Much is Trump ‘Responsible’ for This Political Climate?


Former Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines says that today’s bomb scares necessitate the question of whether President Donald Trump bears any blame for the alarming behavior seen in the current political climate.

Last night, Reines said on Fox News that Trump’s rhetoric and recent smear of George Soros is connected to the fact that the Democratic megadonor received a pipe bomb in his mailbox. Now that multiple suspicious packages have been sent out to Reines’s old boss, the media, and various left-wing political figures, he joined MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday to double down on his argument.

“If you are looking at who they have targeted so far, it is almost like they are following Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, and – starting with [Rep.] Debbie Wassermann Schultz (D-FL) – not everyone has that kind of security, and you have to be really concerned that while so far nothing has hurt anybody so far, that might not hold…until Donald Trump tweeted a few moments ago, he’s been mum, and the other part of Sarah Sanders‘ statement is those who are responsible will be held accountable. You have to ask how much Donald Trump is responsible for the climate where things like this happen.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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