Fox News’ Shep Smith: NFL Players Kneeling Are Not ‘Attacking the Flag’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith said that the NFL players kneeling in protest are not “attacking flag,” even if President Trump is framing the argument that way:

“They’re able to say, ‘Oh, they’re attacking the national anthem, they’re attacking the troops, they’re attacking the flag––none of which they’re doing. They’re not doing any of that. They’re upset about racial injustice in the country and they’re upset about the things that the President has said, and yet he’s able to turn it around for his base. Isn’t this all a play to his base and could it possibly be so that they don’t notice there is no health care and North Korea’s the biggest mess since the Cold War?”

Politico’s Rachael Bade said that this does certainly play to some of Trump’s base, even if Republicans feel this isn’t helpful.

Smith also said that ‘they’re not protesting the national anthem, that’s not what they’re doing.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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