GOP Operative Blasts CPAC’s ‘Degradation of Conservatism’: What’s Next? Mel Gibson Saying Jews Are Bad?


GOP strategist Evan Siegfried lamented Friday that the Conservative Political Action Conference has traded away intellectualism for provocateurs and right wing firebrands.

Siegfried was on with MSNBC host Chris Jansing on Friday to talk about how many of CPAC’s 2019 headliners are red-meat pundits like Sebastian Gorka. As Jansing acknowledged that these speakers play to the conservative base, Siegfried mocked the people being celebrated at CPAC this year, calling it “the degradation of conservatism.”

“CPAC used to be where we go out and have conservative intellectual conversations. Right now we’re being treated to the intellectual yammerings of such heavy weights as Jacob Wohl, Charlie Kirk. Candace Owens probably doing a seminar about why Hitler was misunderstood? What’s next? Mel Gibson talking about why the Jews are bad? We’ve seen conservative intellectualism boiled down to its dumbest form and showing the exact opposite of intellectualism.”

Siegfried concluded by saying “actual” conservative intellectuals aren’t at the conference this year. Instead, “they’re sitting at home, mocking this, and they’re also depressed.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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