Hannity Rips Media For Trump/Hurricane Coverage: We’re Gonna Get Lectured By ‘Lyin Brian’ Williams?


On Monday night, Sean Hannity took some shots at the media for how they reported last Friday’s news dump as Hurricane Harvey was making landfall.

The Fox News host said the media was being “insane” over the news dump, noting that President Obama and President Clinton were “masterful” of. He then played a montage including MSNBC’s Brian Williams accusing the Trump White House of releasing “controversial bits” of news “under the cover” of the Category 4 hurricane and CNN’s Don Lemon suggesting that President Trump “can’t stand not being the lead story.”

“Would you like to get lectured by ‘Lyin Brian’ Williams about dead bodies floating outside of the Ritz where there’s no water?” Hannity reacted. “We’re going to get lectures from him…about honesty?”

Laura Ingraham laughed and weighed in.

“The idea that Donald Trump has to wait until a hurricane to do something that the media will find offensive is just a total knee-slapper,” Ingraham said. “I mean Donald Trump sneezes the wrong way and the media are all over it.”

She added that another cable news network had a chyron that said something like “Trump Decides To Go To Texas Despite Possible Disruption” and that a few days ago they were claiming that he “wasn’t engaged enough.”

“The man cannot win no matter what he does,” she added. “The idea that they’re complaining about the [Sheriff Joe] Arpaio pardon taking place when the president clearly said he was going to pardon him. I mean, would it have been better for the media if he pardoned him next week? Would they have been more judicious in their analysis? I don’t think so.”

Hannity concluded by saying we need lectures from the media “like we need a hole to the head.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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