‘It’s Treasonous’: Outnumbered Rips Leakers Over Trump’s Phone Calls With Mexico, Australia


Fox News’ panel on Outnumbered did not seem particularly impressed today when they reacted to President Trump‘s phone transcripts with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

Today’s #OneLuckyGuy was former Trump campaign aide Steve Cortes, and he came out swinging against the “deep-state operators” committing “treason against the national security of the United States.” Cortes also declared that the release of the transcripts was the latest effort by the Washington “swamp creatures,” to bring down the White House.

“It’s treasonous, quite frankly,” Cortes said. “To use our security apparatus as their vehicle to try and upend the Trump presidency, or any presidency for that matter. It’s a terrible precedent if they’re not caught, arrested, and thrown in jail.”

Marie Harf was skeptical about whether White House bureaucrats leaked the documents since the Trump Administration has an interest in keeping them among their top-level members. Harris Faulkner expressed that these new leaks were “dangerous,” and Abby Huntsman lambasted the press for not being more concerned about national security whenever they publish leaked information.

“I have to question the role of media. When you’re given a document that is leaked, we are talking about our national security and the safety of the American people in the world, at one point as a journalist do you say ‘I’m not going to leak this out out of the protection of the goodness of the country?’ I feel like we’re struggling to find a balance, and we need to figure it out.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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