Jesse Jackson: Obama Should Advocate For A “Radical Reordering Of The Economy”

Jesse Jackson appeared on MSNBC yesterday and let it be known that President Obama better enjoy his vacation now, because come January, Jackson expects a lot from the President. Not only does he want a renewed commitment to the war on poverty, but he also wants the President to go right to Congress and to stick up for the women and children Jackson meets in homeless shelters who apparently are working every day and still can’t afford the rent.

Jackson has seen enough and calls for “a radical reordering of our economy, bottom up, because those, the very top are drowning in wealth. It’s paper-driven not even productivity-driven.” Given Jackson’s unique and mangled pronunciation of so many words in the brief clip, it sounds like Jackson is actually the one under water and drowning.

Yet even on the substance Jackson seems out of his depth, since even though the growing gap between the richest and poorest Americans is a legitimate and worrisome issue, dismissing the wealthiest and their success as not productive doesn’t do much to advance his cause. Furthermore, arguing for radical income redistribution seems to be a war that tax-comprising and 2012-thinking Obama is no longer interested in waging. Overall it’s debatable which is crazier: the radical rearrangement of the economy or the idea that Obama wants economic advice from Jackson.

Watch the clip from The Ed Show below:

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