Jesse Jackson Responds to O’Reilly’s ‘Name-Calling’ and ‘Stereotyping’

Earlier in the evening Friday, Bill O’Reilly called into Fox News from his vacation to accuse Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others of acting as “racial agitators” in Ferguson, Missouri after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a police officer. When Jackson appeared on Fox later, he offered up his response to the host.

“I think it’s unfortunate for him to name-call and to stereotype in that way,” Jackson told Andrea Tantaros via satellite from Ferguson, before outlining the constructive work he has been doing in the community there. “Michael Brown was treated worse than a dog,” he said later. “It’s just not right, it’s not fair.”

Asked if he agreed with Brown’s family that the release of a video showing their son allegedly stealing cigars from a convenience store was intended to “smear” him, Jackson said, “Of course it’s to smear him, to make him less worth of living because this happened.”

Watch the full interview below, via Fox News:

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