Joe Scarborough: ‘Donald Trump Was Humiliated. He Was Weak. He Was Baffled’


President Donald Trump provided a wide-ranging press conference Wednesday that lasted 90 minutes on the day that followed a midterm election that saw the GOP lose control of the House of Representatives. The remarkably contentious affair featured what the Commander in Chief battling with numerous reporters asking tough but reasonable questions.

Joe Scarborough’s take on the press conference? “Donald Trump was humiliated. He was weak. He was battered. You could see him up there. He was baffled.”

President Trump is known for always presenting a confident demeanor of success. But in yesterday’s press conference, Scarborough saw something more delusional, saying “He didn’t know what to do.” The

Morning Joe host then compared the leader of the free world to the psychology of an insecure toddler, saying “It was like a little kid kicking sand in the sandbox. He’s screaming at Jim Acosta and then he fires Jeff Sessions.

“I mean, I’d say the press shouldn’t take the bait. This is about Donald Trump trying to distract from just how weak he is now, how vulnerable he is now.”


Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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