Joe Scarborough Praises Trump’s D-Day Speech: ‘The Strongest Speech of His Presidency’

Joe Scarborough, an ardent critic of President Donald Trump, was impressed by Trump’s speech in France to commemorate D-Day.

Trump joined French President Emmanuel Macron in Normandy to honor veterans and recognize the 75th anniversary of the first U.S. battle to free France from Nazi control in World War II. Scarborough was glad that Trump “chose to have the discipline to stick to script” with his address, saying “let’s hope this moment continues.”

“[He] delivered what, again, I believe is the strongest speech of his presidency. There was one especially beautiful moment and I loved the thought because – any World War II documentary you see, any Vietnam documentary you see, when the interviewer starts talking about them being heroes, they will tear up and they will say ‘the heroes were the ones that never came back.’ Well, President Trump said that that’s what these heroes were saying. The heroes were the ones buried here behind us. Yet, he went on to say — to talk about the remarkable life that was created by this generation.”

Tom Brokaw agreed that Trump “got it right,” saying the speech was “well written,” “well delivered,” and told an American story that goes beyond Trump himself.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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