Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’ Catches Super Tuesday ‘Voters’ on Fake Primary

With the focus of the political news world locked firmly on Super Tuesday results, Jimmy Kimmel used a segment of his show last night to gauge voter participation levels in California. What was the snag? California is not a Super Tuesday primary state, and in fact, won’t be voting until June.

“There’s always pressure to seem like you’re informed, like you’re participating when it comes to politics, whether you are or not,” Kimmel explained. To find out just how true that was, the “Lie Witness News,” crew got on the case to see how many people in L.A. would claim to have participated in the political process.

Sure enough, Kimmel’s crew found plenty of people who were willing to lie about their political involvement that day. Their stories hit topics ranging from long voter lines, to who they were voting for, to how much campaign swag was given out for free.

Beyond the usual questions, Kimmel’s crew took it to another level when they tried to see whether people would lie about voting details that grew steadily more ludicrous. Whether they were asked about voting cover charges or holographic voting machines, people still kept up their charade, describe in vivid detail about their voting process from earlier in the day.

Watch above, via ABC.

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