Laura Ingraham Rips Hillary Clinton’s NRA Tweets: ‘Despicable Level of Ignorance’

Conservative radio host and upcoming Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham tore into Hillary Clinton on Tuesday for her rush to politicize gun control in the aftermath of the mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival.

Yesterday, Ingraham joined the chorus of conservatives who panned Clinton after the former Secretary of State recommended that people challenge the NRA following the horrific events of Nevada. Ingraham appeared on Fox & Friends to talk about the shooting, and she began by expressing her opinion that there’s no government solution that would have stopped the massacre.

When the discussion moved on to Clinton, Ingraham hammered away at the former Secretary of State for speaking without knowing the full facts for either guns or the attack.

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” Ingraham said. “The level of ignorance…I found it to be despicable.”

Ingraham slammed other Democrats for their pro-gun control remarks after the shooting, though she remained focused on Clinton’s “idiotic” comments about gun suppressors.

“People want politicians just to take a breath for the most part,” Ingraham said, though she did concede that politicians are certainly free to pursue gun control legislation.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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