‘May Very Well Be Criminal!’: Ex-US Attorney Tells Fox News Schumer Could Face Charges for Supreme Court Comment

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Former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis, who served alongside Attorney General William Barr in the Bush Administration, joined Fox News’ Outnumbered Overtime program with Harris Faulkner to float the idea that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) could be hit with legal charges over his “pay a price” remarks about Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

The remarks in question from Schumer — made on the steps of the Supreme Court to a group of pro-choice demonstrators this week — earned a sharp rebuke from Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

“Look, the ABA [American Bar Association] is no friend of the Republican Party. I got to tell you, and Schumer is kind of backtracking, we’ve heard today. I think it’s a day late and a dollar short. Listen, as a young prosecutor down here in Miami, I actually prosecuted, put somebody in jail for about three years, if I recall correctly, under a similar circumstance where they had threatened a federal judge that had a case pending before her,” Mr. Lewis said during Thursday’s show.

The former U.S. Attorney added “Listen, I don’t think this is bad judgment. This may very well be criminal.”

He used the wrong words, is what he’s saying. One of the reasons was because he’s ‘from Brooklyn,'” Faulkner said, then asked “When he said he meant what they were talking about, not necessarily threatening them as individuals, what do you do with that?”

Lewis then explained that the issue isn’t what Schumer may have threatened to do or not do, but rather the potential incitement of violence, which might cause other people to take action against the Supreme Court Justices.

“Here’s the problem. First of all, you look at the words. Everybody concluded that it is a threat. There is no question. What people don’t understand is that, as soon as that happens, it’s not necessarily Chuck Schumer,” he said. “Nobody thinks Chuck Schumer is going to go cause bodily harm to the new Trump justices of the Supreme Court.”

Lewis added that “a dozen U.S. Marshals are now assigned to these two justices.”

“But it incites people, Harris. People listen to that. People act on that. You know what the United States Marshals Service did about 10 minutes after these threats went worldwide?” Lewis asked. “They had the problem of protecting federal judges. You better believe that about a dozen U.S. Marshals are now assigned to these two justices, their families, and for the next six months, they are going to be monitoring them very, very carefully.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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