MSNBC Guest: Fox News Is the ‘Singular Cause of This Kind of Hate and Discourse’ in the Country

During a MSNBC panel discussing the responsibility of social media platforms have with their live-streaming capabilities, guest Jeff Jarvis said Fox News is to blame for a lot of hatred and fear in the country.

“Okay, fine. But don’t we talk all about how public discourse and civility has gone out the window? Part of that is because we’re abandoning basic standards of civility,” MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle said.

“Part of that is the business we are in right here. I don’t say MSNBC because you guys are nice and I like you all. But there’s a certain other network a few blocks away that really manufactured hate and fear in this country,” Jarvis replied. “To my mind, Fox News is the single cause — singular cause of this kind of hate and discourse.”

“But is that because  you don’t support what their views are,” Rule followed up.

“No, because I watched my own family members be brainwashed by this. I watched the hate and fear coming out,” Jarvis explained. “I think probably what we need is not so much journalism, but mass psychology. The problem we talk about the base all the time. We all cover the base. What are we covering? We’re covering their anger. Their desire to see things like this, it just feeds into a desire that already exists. That’s the bigger problem.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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