MSNBC Guest: Trump Creating ‘Mafia State’

Russian journalist Masha Gessen compared President Donald Trump t0 his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on MSNBC Friday, arguing that while Putin has long established a “mafia state” in his country, Trump is working to set up his own.

Gessen started by telling anchor Stephanie Ruhle that both Putin and Trump have similar ways of digesting news and information. Of Putin, she said “he likes to get his information in 14-point type, he never goes on the internet, he also watches television.”

“I’m not sure that he’s any better informed than Trump is,” she continued, before noting that “Trump actually is regularly exposed to much more irritants than Putin is. What Putin does have over Trump is experience and emotional control.”

After Ruhle noted that Russia is more of a “mafia state” than the U.S., Gessen agreed:

“Yes, Russia is absolutely a mafia state, although Trump is starting to establish his own mafia state in the United States,” she said. “More literally so than figuratively: a mafia state is a state run by a family for its own profit.”

“We’re starting to have that here in United States,” Gessen concluded.

“With atomic bombs,” Malcolm Nance added, describing Trump’s intentions as a “Putin led march to autocracy, which is what his end state is.”

The panel’s comments on Trump come as the U.S. president sits down with Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany for a bilateral meeting between the two leaders.

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