MSNBC Guest: Trump’s UN Address ‘Was The Most Atrocious Speech’ I’ve Ever Heard a President Give


On Tuesday night, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson held nothing back against President Trump and the speech he gave at the United Nations.

When asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for his reaction, Wilkerson said that his first reaction was that he “read it from a teleprompter.”

“That means at least [National Security Advisor] H.R. McMaster and probably [Sec. of Defense] Jim Mattis and [Chief of Staff] John Kelly got a look at that speech and I’m deeply saddened and embarrassed by that fact,” Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson, who served as Sec. of State Colin Powell‘s chief of staff, thought the speech was historic, but not in a good way.

“That was the most atrocious speech I have ever heard an American president give in any venue,” Wilkerson declared.

Wilkerson then commented on Mattis’ military options that the Defense Secretary insists would not endanger Seoul or the citizens of South of Korea, which he calls “absolute bull.”

“And if Jim Mattis is thinking that he can use military force against North Korea without repercussions, we’re in deep trouble,” he added.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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