Newsmax Host Has Wild Theory About Why Lou Dobbs Was Benched: ‘Maybe It’s About China’


Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield had a new theory for why Lou Dobbs Tonight was cancelled: “Maybe it’s about China.”

He began by saying, “I have come to the conclusion that Fox News no longer supports President Trump’s America First principles, which is why they couldn’t stand Lou Dobbs on their air.”

Fox Business show Lou Dobbs Tonight was cancelled in February following a string of controversies including a lawsuit from Smartmatic accusing Dobbs and other Fox personalities of pushing baseless claims about the 2020 election. A Fox News statement to Mediaite said the cancellation of the show was a part of planned changes to programming after the election.

Stinchfield lauded Dobbs’ coverage of the Trump administration by showing clips of him praising the former president.

He then said, “Dobbs has always been a champion of President Trump, but maybe Fox News banishing Dobbs from their network is more sinister. Maybe it’s about China.”

Pointing to the Murdoch family’s investments and business ties to “that rogue nation,” he implied collusion.

His evidence for his claim was joined by a graphic of the Fox News logo over the Chinese flag. The “proof” included Fox News helping to build China’s leading broadcast network create a website, Rupert Murdoch’s wife being “a mainland Chinese,” and that the Murdochs have tried to capitalize off the Chinese media market.

He concluded by saying, “Maybe this is why Fox News could not tolerate Lou Dobbs doing this.”

You can watch above, via Newsmax.

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