NYPD Commissioner: Bigger Threat to Americans Comes From ‘Our Own Citizens’

BrattonSpeaking to CNN’s Don Lemon Monday night, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton explained that the biggest threat to Americans came from the country’s own citizens, rather than radical Muslim extremists, as Republican presidential candidates have asserted.

Lemon aired Donald Trump‘s comments that America was unsafe because of a rapid influx of Muslims into the country. Bratton responded that America was a very safe place compared to the rest of the world, and noted that while the U.S. has had some mass killings from “inspired extremists,” the “vast majority” were “committed by American citizens living here who have access to firearms.” He cited the 2012 massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

Bratton went on to repeat his criticism of Sen. Ted Cruz for his proposals to police Muslim neighborhoods. Bratton observed that the NYPD had once engaged in such a practice, which managed to drum up not a single actionable piece of evidence, and that alienating these communities made it vastly more difficult to gather intelligence.

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