Rep. Steve King: Looks Like Trump’s ‘Preparing to Keep Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Promise’

Kudos to the bookers at CNN New Day for quickly getting Rep. Steve King (R- IA) to call in and address President Donald Trump‘s reported deal with Democratic leadership over DACA and apparent pivot from building a border wall to the more nuanced improvement of “border security.”

Rep. King was one of the earliest and has always been one of the vocal supporters of Trump and is very bullish what critics might call draconian immigration reform. So his reaction to news that the “border wall” will come later, as President Trump told assembled reporters on his way to visit Florida? 

“I don’t think it’s unclear to anybody what those campaign promises were, but it looks to me like he’s preparing to keep Hillary Clinton’s promise rather than his own.”

Oof. That’s going to leave a mark.

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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