Rudy Giuliani Expects Mueller to Decide This Week on Trump Sit-Down: ‘Should Be a Big Week…’

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared in the remarkably friendly confines of Fox & Friends this morning in which he took batting practice with the most gently lofted softballs by the most-watched morning show co-hosts.

The anodyne interview can be fairly described as comfort food designed to sate pro-Trump viewers, with calls for investigations into those investigating alleged conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the election, but Mayor Giuliani hit something of a newsworthy buzzer shot when he revealed as an aside that he expected this to be a “big week” in the Mueller investigation.

While wrapping the segment, Giuliani claimed that he expected Special Counsel Robert Mueller to decide on the counter-proposal on how President Trump should avail himself to be interviewed by the investigation. Trump’s legal team has very publicly decried the problems of putting Trump in a “perjury trap,” demanding a more narrow set of questions than a broader investigation might require.

Giuliani also explained Trump’s previous tweet ostensibly criticizing Jeff Sessions, which in his mind, was designed to “wake up” the beleaguered Attorney General.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.



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