Scarborough Compares Trump to Johnny Manziel: ‘He’s Kind of a Turd’

Manziel TrumpMSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough defended the pundits who predict victories for Donald Trump Tuesday morning, comparing Trump to former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, who was reviled for his off-the-field antics.

“Every time you predict that something good is going to happen to Trump in the polls, you get the e-mails, ‘Why are you in bed with a Nazi?” Scarborough complained.

“Johnny Manziel, he’s kind of a turd,” he said. “But if he’s playing for the NFL next year — he’s a jerk, he’s not nice to people. But every time he throws a 15 and out and makes a completion, I don’t want the announcer to go, ‘That’s Johnny Manziel, he’s horrible, a horrible person. He threw that 15 and out, but this next one he’s going to do badly because he’s horrible, horrible.’”

“Just tell me whether his team is going to win or lose,” Scarborough insisted. “You aren’t the Pope, you aren’t Jesus. The voters will make the judgment.”

Manziel was named the Browns starter in November, but was immediately demoted to third-string only a week later. The former Texas A&M Aggie was released from the team in March amid increasing media reports about his substance abuse and an alleged domestic assault of his girlfriend.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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