Sen. Richard Blumenthal: Don Jr. ‘Should Be Locked Up’ if He Refuses to Obey Subpoena


Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said first-son Donald Trump Jr. should be “locked up” if he refuses to comply with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s subpoena.

“If he fails to answer, he ought to be put in jail,” Blumenthal told reporters today. “If he fails to comply with a lawful subpoena, he has no privilege, prison is the only answer.”

Later, Blumenthal added onto his comments about Trump Jr., saying that President Donald Trump‘s oldest son “has no privilege, he has no right to say no. He may be the president’s son but he’s not above the law and he has no privilege whatsoever.”

Blumenthal has called for Trump Jr. to appear before the Senate because he claims the Mueller report directly disputes comments he made during his 2017 congressional testimony.

“There are a number of responses he gave that are challengeable based on the truth,” Blumenthal said. “There are a number of areas that need to be scrutinized by the Intelligence Committee. His responses in the Judiciary Committee are certainly one of those areas.”

“I was in the room and my clear impression was that his answers were deliberately misleading and false,” the Senate Judiciary Committee member added. “He said he was only peripherally aware of the negotiations in Moscow for Trump Tower there when apparently he was briefed extensively.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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