Stewart Tears Into GOPers Rejecting Obamacare: If You Have Better Idea, ‘Let’s F*cking Hear It!’

Jon Stewart took on Republican states Thursday night for rejecting federal money for health care programs because of their strong opposition to Obamacare, telling them directly if they have a better idea, “let’s f*cking hear it!”

Stewart called out their “total dickishness,” which appears to be part of a new national game show What Do You Hate More: Poverty or Obama? He called out governors like Rick Perry for allowing their opposition to Obamacare to reject the money, and called out the irony of these Republican states also taking in a ton of federal money already.

He reminded viewers of how Mitt Romney said last year that people can just go to the ER, because “Unlike Obamacare, we all know ER visits are free!” Stewart delivered the final blow.

“If you have a better program, Republicans, let’s fucking hear it! But don’t make your plan, ‘What do we need food stamps for when we already have dine and dash?'”

Watch the videos below, via Comedy Central:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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