Stranded Fox News Reporter Hails This Year’s Burning Man as ‘One of the Best’


Fox News reporter Claudia Cowan praised this year’s Burning Man festival, which left tens of thousands of attendees stranded and one person dead following heavy rainfall, as “one of the best” yet on Monday.

Cowan, who was left stranded at the festival with tens of thousands of others, told Fox News Chief Washington Correspondent Mike Emanuel that while many other attendees were desperate to leave following the flooding ordeal, she planned to “hunker down and try to head out tomorrow.”

“But I have to say, looking at how this event has been portrayed in other media outlets, it was like the end of the world, and it really wasn’t, Mike. It was a coming together, a communal effort,” claimed Cowan, who added that despite the issues, “it was still a lot of fun.”

Insisting that “it wasn’t the end of the world. It really wasn’t,” Cowan said, “It’s just a little messy, it’s hard to walk in, you have to wrap your shoes in garbage bags and duct tape.”

She continued:

But we all know that because we’ve been coming a long time and we helped the newbies understand this is how it works when it rains at Burning Man, and it does happen from time to time. What’s interesting is that last year it was so hot and so dusty that a lot of people decided not to come back this year, but for those of us who did, I think this is really one of the best Burning Mans ever. We really enjoyed it, and now we have the man burn tonight and other burns happening, so those of us who stayed will get that.

Authorities are currently investigating a death which took place at the event during the heavy rain, however it has been reported that the death was not a result of the extreme weather.

Several celebrities were among the attendees stranded at Burning Man this year, including Chris Rock, who fled the chaos in a fan’s pickup truck.

Watch above via Fox News.

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