Trevor Noah Mocks Fox News Hosts’ Curious Habit of Announcing ‘Surprise Vacations’ Amid Controversy


In the wake of Tucker Carlson’s abruptly announced vacation last Wednesday night, Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah mocked the unmistakable trend of Fox News hosts taking conveniently-timed “surprise vacations” right after having made controversial remarks and losing prominent advertisers.

Playing a clip of Carlson announcing a fishing trip with his son just one day after being pilloried for declaring the threat from white supremacy to be a “hoax,” Noah couldn’t help but be skeptical, pointing out that three big advertisers had just pulled out from Carlson’s show.

“Okay. That timing seems suspicious, but who knows,” Noah said. “Maybe lots of people leave for fishing vacations on Wednesday night at 9:00 P.M. You never know when the fish are going to start biting! You never know!”

“Some people will just say this is probably just a coincidence,” Noah added. “Just because Tucker said something offensive and took a surprise vacation doesn’t mean the two things are related. Okay, maybe not, but it does seem to happen a lot over at Fox.”

Carlson is far from the first Fox News host to conveniently disappear from the network’s airwaves right after inciting outrage, Noah pointed out. Laura Ingraham: suddenly vacationed after mocking a victim of the Parkland gun violence massacre. Sean Hannity: suddenly vacationed after pushing toxic conspiracy theories about the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Jesse Watters: suddenly vacationed after making a sexually suggestive remark about Ivanka Trump. And Bill O’Reilly: suddenly vacationed after news broke about the millions of dollars he and his network had paid to settle workplace sexual harassment lawsuits against him.

The last of these examples, Noah said, was “the greatest of all time,” because he noted that O’Reilly never again appeared on Fox News again after leaving on that ostensible “vacation.”

“I still feel bad for the one Fox viewer who’s waiting for O’Reilly to return. Like: ‘Bill’s going to have so many great stores stories when he finally comes back!'” Noah joked. “These emergency vacations are such a staple for Fox News I wouldn’t be surprised they had their own travel agency”

He then ran a mock ad for “Fox Vacations” that had this very apt, it’s-all-about-damage-control tagline: “Relax. This will all blow over.”

Watch the video above, via Comedy Central.

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