Trump Adviser Starts Out CNN Interview by Scolding CNN for ‘Dishonest’ Reporting

blitzer-millerLiterally the second he started he started speaking on CNN this afternoon, Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller complained about the “dishonest” report that aired just before he appeared.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, on the Trump campaign trail, filed a report on the rocky few days the Trump team has had, what with Kellyanne Conway admitting they’re behind and all.

But Miller complained to Wolf Blitzer, “That piece from Jim Acosta was one of the most heavily-edited, most dishonest intro packages I’ve probably ever had set up… Everything from Kellyanne’s words to the description of what’s going on in the race was just nonsense.”

He argued that Conway actually didn’t say Trump was behind in the race and complained about media bias. Blitzer said no one was taken out of context.

Miller also took issue with the polls showing Trump behind and said, “I don’t believe that CNN or any other news organization can simply play voice of God on this.”

So after showing a tweet from Trump, Blitzer decided to confront Miller on whether he thinks the CNN/ORC poll (which had Trump leading by 2 not too long ago) is “phony.”

You can watch Acosta’s report, followed by Miller’s complaints, via CNN.

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