Tucker Carlson Stands by NATO Criticism: ‘The U.S. Has to Defend Montenegro? Really?!’

Tucker Carlson‘s question to President Trump about NATO and Montenegro last night set off a bit of a firestorm, and Carlson tonight doubled down.

Carlson questioned the NATO provision about defending member nations and name-dropped Montenegro in particular, asking, “Why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?”

Tonight Carlson said, “Montenegro has fewer residents than the District of Columbia. It’s a relatively poor place. It has no critical national resources and limited strategic significance. Few Americans could find it on a map or name its capital or its president. That’s not a slur against Montenegro, apparently it’s a nice place, but those are the facts about Montenegro. ”

He replayed the clip of his question to Trump and the President’s answer before saying, “That’s not a definitive answer obviously, but the President clearly had been thinking about it and good for him. Presidents are supposed to wonder about things like that. Serious countries ought to have debates like that. The U.S. has to defend Montenegro? Really? Why is that? Is there a good reason? Let’s hear it.”

He said Americans should be asking if NATO is still “serving America’s interests,” concluding, “Official Washington does not want to answer [these questions] or talk about them, they are trying to crush anyone who asks. We are not intimidated, obviously.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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