Wolf Blitzer: Sarah Sanders Should ‘Apologize’ for Comments About Questioning Generals

In another day of questionable statements from the White House, Wolf Blitzer came out passionately against the latest comments from White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about not “questioning” generals (i.e. the words and actions of Gen. John Kelly).

Blitzer, a former Pentagon correspondent, strongly rebuked the White House in a conversation with Jake Sullivan. Responding to Sullivan calling the comments “troubling”, Blitzer went on to point out that he would ask “tough questions of active-duty Four-Star Generals” on an “almost daily basis” and argued that our officials “want to be asked tough questions.”

Blitzer astutely pointed out––as Jake Tapper did before him ––that generals are not incapable of getting things wrong. Sullivan agreed, stating that the United States maintains “its edge” by holding our officials and ourselves to the “highest standard no matter what uniform you are wearing or not wearing.”

Concluding the segment, Blitzer stated that Sarah Sanders’ response simply “doesn’t make any sense,” following up by saying she should “come out herself and apologize” for the comment.

Watch the segment above, via CNN.

[Featured image via screengrab]

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