Navy Fires the Captain Who Led Sailors That Got Detained in Iran

navyThe commander who led the two ships taken into custody by Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf months ago has been relieved of duty.

Captain Kyle Moses was the commodore of Commander Task Force (CTF) 56 back in January, and it was under his leadership that 10 Navy sailors ended up in Iranian waters due to engine failure and a “multitude of errors”. The sailors were detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and though the situation was resolved relatively fast, it was still a major source of Iranian propaganda and heavy criticism for President Obama and the Iran nuclear deal.

Kevin M. Donegan, commander of Naval Forces Central Command, has reassigned Moses and stripped him of his CTF duties.

ABC reported that officials are considering punishments for seven of the sailors in the incident. One of whom is Moses’ squadron commander, who has already been fired and reassigned as well.

Washington Examiner reported on a statement from Donegan that comes ahead of the Navy’s conclusion of their investigation:

“Several weeks ago, I had initially taken what I felt was appropriate administrative and corrective action involving Capt. Moses based on the preliminary results of the investigation, which I began immediately after we recovered our Sailors. However, after thoroughly examining the findings of the final, comprehensive investigation, I determined that this additional action was necessary.”

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