Bill de Blasio Gives Interview from Iowa While NYC Experiences Massive Power Outage

While New York City has experienced a widespread blackout, Mayor Bill de Blasio was many states away and needed to call into CNN for an interview from Iowa.

The 2020 presidential contender didn’t immediately commit to dropping everything and returning to the city however.

“I’m going to get more information in the next hour or so, and we’ll adjust my schedule accordingly, depending on what I hear,” de Blasio told CNN’s Ana Cabrera Saturday night.

Cabrera also asked how the city prepares for blackouts and outages, which de Blasio says have been rare but officials have prepared for and have planned responses.

“I have to tell you, blackouts have become rare in New York City. I’m hopeful again this is something that will be a limited duration, but no, we used to have a fair number of them. And lately, certainly in the six years I’ve been mayor, they’ve been rare in the scheme of things,” de Blasio said.

The mayor stressed the importance of next steps in gathering information about the outage. “What we want to do is get down to the bottom of how long it’s going to take to fix it, and get that word out to people immediately, and then we’ll be able to give them bigger instruction,” he said.

Cabrera later reported that de Blasio planned to return to the city.

Watch above, via CNN.

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