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Mayor vs. Mayor: Bill de Blasio Absolutely Roasts Rudy Giuliani Over Past Marital Woes

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio snarked at former mayor Rudy Giuliani criticizing his honeymoon, saying “you sure you wanna bring up the topic of marriage right now, Rudy?”

The 2020 presidential candidate fired back at President Donald Trump’s lawyer for his Wednesday night comment “I can now see why DiBlasio went to Communist Cuba on his honeymoon.”

Giuliani presumably was watching de Blasio’s heated interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“Would love to have an honest conversation about marriage and how this country can better support working families,” de Blasio said, noting he has been married to his wife Chirlane McCray for 25 years.

Giuliani’s marital history can be charitably described as messy. Giuliani has been married three times, divorcing his third wife in 2018. Famously in 2000, Giuliani announced he was divorcing his wife Donna Hanover in a press conference without informing Hanover first.

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