Peter Navarro Torpedoes ‘Cowardly Scumbag Never-Trumper’ Brian Kilmeade For Replacing Tucker on Fox News


Ex-Trump administration official Peter Navarro lashed out at Fox News and Brian Kilmeade over Tucker’s firing, calling Kilmeade a “cowardly scumbag” for daring to host the 8 p.m. time slot Carlson once occupied.

Monday saw a stunning cable news bloodbath, as Fox News fired top-rated host Tucker Carlson without warning — then within minutes, news broke that CNN was firing longtime anchor and central pillar of their morning program in an equally shocking fashion.

Carlson’s firing drew celebratory victory dances and insults from Carlson’s critics, while MAGA-world cried out with the anguish of incinerated Alderaan residents. And when 8 o’clock rolled around, Fox & Friends host Kilmeade was in the host’s chair to give his “great friend” Tucker an 8-second send-off — 31 seconds fewer than Lemon got from his colleagues at CNN This Morning.

That fill-in spot did not sit well with Navarro, who lashed out at Kilmeade on Twitter. When Kilmeade invited followers to tune in, Navarro responded by writing “‘Hard no’ @briankilmeade, you Never Trump sock puppet. Your midget feet won’t fit @TuckerCarlson big shoes in this lifetime. Cut the @foxnews cord now.”

He then quote-tweeted himself and added “BTW, this is why @briankilmeade is such a cowardly scumbag. An honorable man would have declined to sit in for @TuckerCarlson the very first night of the firing, but no, the biggest Never-Trumper at @foxnews this side of @karlrove went for the carcass.”

Navarro also lashed out at Fox News on Monday night’s edition of Newsmax TV’s The Balance with host Eric Bolling. Asked to cap off the interview with whatever was on his mind, Navarro lashed out at Fox News over the firing and declared Bolling “the new king of 8 pm!”:

PETER NAVARRO: Well, I just want to salute the King of 8 p.m. television now that the only thing worth watching on Fox News is gone. That network, Fox has cut that cord. That, that is a network that’s a never-Trump nest of incompetent puppet heads. Eric Bolling, the king of the 8:00 hour now on cable TV. Watch Bolling!

ERIC BOLLING: We’ll stay conservative. We’re not going to move to the center-left like Fox is doing. Peter Navarro, always good to have you on. Thank you, my friend. Bye bye. Thank you. Thank you.

Watch above via Newsmax TV’s The Balance.

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