Saturday Night Live Returns from Holiday Break By Sending Alan Dershowitz to Hell


Saturday Night Live went pretty dark for its first episode of the new year, with a sketch that saw Alan Dershowitz sent to Hell.

The cold open continued the show’s recent tradition of bringing in famous actors for cameos: this week bringing in Jon Lovitz to play Dershowitz, rehearsing his impeachment arguments before he suddenly has a heart attack and goes to Hell where he meets the Devil (Kate McKinnon) and Jeffrey Epstein (Adam Driver). Mr. Peanut and Flo from the Progressive insurance commercials are also among the denizens of Hell in the sketch.

This was the 11th episode of the season, hosted by Oscar-nominee Adam Driver and with Halsey as the musical guest. Saturday Night Live is scheduled to return next week on February 1 with Houston Texans star J.J. Watt hosting and country musician Luke Combs as the musical guest.

The final cold open on 2019 focused on the now-quickly narrowing Democratic presidential candidate field, while fitting in a cameo from Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and a quick changing performance fromMcKinnon playing both Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi.

The 45th season’s last episode featured a powerhouse host performance from Eddie Murphy, who reprised many of his classic characters from his time as an SNL cast member.

Watch above, via NBC.

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