Trevor Noah: Trump ‘Prefers White People Over Black People’

Much to the chagrin of his conservative critics, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has been consistently outspoken against President Donald Trump, often foregoing the comedic side of his show to go on lengthy political monologues — and his latest comments on the president were no exception.

Though Noah said he wasn’t sure if Trump “is a white supremacist” or not, he did accuse the president of preferring “white people over black people” in an interview with the BBC. His justification for such a claim was Trump’s history as a businessman, a candidate, and now the president.

“I don’t know if Donald Trump is a white supremacist, I do know that he prefers white people over black people. I do know that he has specifically gone out of his way with his companies to oppress black people, I do know that he hasn’t been as quick to react in the aid of black people as he has with others, I do know that he has supported and continues to retweet white supremacists on his Twitter account,” said Noah.

The late night host implied that he wasn’t outright calling Trump a white supremacist because people are “more offended at you calling them a racist than at the fact that they are a racist.”

Watch above via BBC.

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