WATCH: Barack Obama Reveals The Origin Story Of White House Beer On Letterman

You know who has no flipping idea whether or not it’s legal to brew beer in the White House? Barack Obama. You know why he started brewing his own honey ale? Because it turns out that bees generate an insane amount of honey. Who knew? The hive that resides in Michelle Obama’s White House garden produced 175 pounds of honey just this year. And once the First Family finished drizzling it on their pies, spooning it into their teas, and jarring it to give away as gifts to visitors, a ton of honey was still left over. So, since White House Honey Ale takes about a pound of honey per batch, the POTUS signed off on Sam Kass’s basement microbrewery.

B-rock stopped by David Letterman to chat about his beloved White House beer, and he even joked that if “this whole presidency thing” doesn’t work out, he’d just turn to micro-brewing full time. Wouldn’t that be relaxing?

Check out the clip below for the presidential scoop.

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