WATCH: Stephen Colbert Asks Will Allen To Raze Detroit, Build Urban Farm Over It

With the possibility of urban farming becoming an eventual reality, former basketball player and MacArthur Genius Grant winner Will Allen is at the forefront of bringing high-quality produce and meat to urban areas, like his home city of Milwaukee.

But when he went onto The Colbert Report to promote his new book “The Good Food Revolution,” he found himself defending his beloved skyscraper farm against Stephen Colbert’s characteristically dumb ideas.

“Detroit is some primo real estate to tear down some buildings and put in some farms,” Colbert pointed out. “There is food in cities, but it’s crispy and salty. The best kind of food. It lasts forever.”

Allan’s solution for large cities with massive population growth would be to begin growing food in vertical towers, and he’s started to construct one in Milwaukee. One day, he says, he hopes to bring this model to other cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Vancouver — though as Colbert points out, “in Vancouver and San Francisco, they’re just going to be growing weed.”

Watch below:

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