Apparently Young Voters Love Hillary Clinton… in London

It’s unclear just how many pledged delegates she can pick up there, but former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton appears to have a groundswell of enthusiastic support from young voters in London, if today’s town hall with President Obama is any indication. Speaking with young people at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London Saturday morning, the President took questions following brief remarks, and his second questioner was a cheeky lad named Peter who asked what the President would like to see in his successor, but in crowd-pleasing fashion:

If your successor comes to you, and she says… (crowd roars with applause)… suppose it could be Bernie… (smattering of quiet laughter)

The President, ever-diplomatic, did not tip his hand in his response, but rather, spoke at length on the need for his successor to address world security and educational opportunity:

Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, London is not among the states in play next week, although she does hold significant polling leads in four of the five states that are. Bernie Sanders and his supporters will be hoping for a Michigan-style upset or two.

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