April Ryan Feuds With Fox Host Trish Regan: ‘What You Reported is FAKE NEWS’


American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan fired back at Fox Business Network anchor Trish Regan for criticizing Ryan over her complaints about her treatment by President Donald Trump.

Ryan tried asking Trump a question at his Wednesday press conference, but Trump told her repeatedly to “sit down” and scolded her for “rudely interrupting.”

On The View yesterday, Ryan talked about her clashes with the Trump White House and said, “I don’t back down. I’m not afraid. And it doesn’t help that I’m a woman. It doesn’t help that I’m from a smaller news network, American Urban Radio Networks. And that I’m a black woman who is not perceived to be part of their base. So they use me as an example to show ‘this is what can happen to you.'”

Last night, Regan said Ryan is playing the victim card “because for some reason, in her mind, the President telling her to sit down was all about her being female and it was all about her being African-American.”

Regan shot back by pointing to Trump’s exchange with “white male correspondent” Jim Acosta, “just in case you were too inside your own head, April, and too inside your own situation to actually notice anything else that was going on in the room.”

She called Trump an equal opportunist when it comes to “out-of-line so-called journalists.”

“These reporters do not know how to conduct themselves with any kind of decorum. It is the White House. There is a protocol,” Regan added. “And part of that means not talking out of turn, not yelling across the room. I mean, it’s not that hard.”

Ryan fired back today with some choice words for Regan’s commentary, particularly after Trump went after her again today, along with his attacks on Abby Phillip and Yamiche Alcindor.

Regan responded and accused her of trying to twist the narrative:

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