Biden on The View: ‘I’m Hoping A Lot Of What Mr.Trump Has Said Has Been Rhetorical’

While appearing on ABC’s The View today, Vice President Joe Biden was asked about incoming president Donald Trump. He remained diplomatic, but said that he does have major concerns about the President-elect’s foreign policy knowledge, or lack thereof.

“What I worry about is the inadvertent mistake in the near term on foreign policy. By that I mean — I don’t mean any nuclear war, that kind of malarkey — what I think is, there’s a lot of complicated circumstances in Eastern Europe, Ukraine; there’s a lot of complicated circumstances that exist today in the South China Sea; there’s a lot of complicated circumstances that exist in Latin America.”

He went on to criticize the President-elect for discrediting intelligence agencies, then said that he hopes much of what Trump has said is “rhetorical” and he will learn the value of his words sooner rather than later.

When Joy Behar asked about Trump’s late-night tweets, Biden said it’s “not healthy” before Paula Faris jumped in to ask why Biden believes Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Watch above to see him lament the fact that while no one can be certain why the Democrats lost, “we never got to the issues” during the election.

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