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CNN Uses Twitter As A Public Opinion Gauge For UK Elections

CNN has always been much more fascinated with Twitter than its cable news competitors. They’ve used it for promotion, breaking news, and, well, anything Rick Sanchez does. Today, to enhance their coverage of the UK parliamentary elections, CNN Digital Producer Phil Han took to the social networking site to breathlessly inform the public that buzz words like “coverage” and, um, “hung” are really “dominating the Twittersphere.”

Credit goes to Han for taking to Twitter with Jim Cramer-level enthusiasm, though you get the feeling that Han is much more excited about what is happening on Twitter than the people actually using it. For example, he emphasizes that “there seems to be a lot of disappointment, at least among Liberal Democrat supporters– utter, utter disappointment.” Having built up to that kind of absolute devastation of morale among millions of Lib Dems, he delivered this tweet: “I really hope these exit polls aren’t right. I’m disappointed.”

Anticlimactic as that was, it’s wonderful to see such ebullience from old media to new, and see CNN continue to build upon it’s innovative affection for Twitter. Once again, many journalists in cable news have been using Twitter as a news feed. Some commentators have been using it to enhance their on-air personality. But it’s really CNN who has started using it as a public opinion monitor and automatic unscientific polling machine.

Han’s Twitter segment below:

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