Colorado Succeeds in Trolling Jim Harbuagh by Releasing Satirical Depth Chart

screen-shot-2016-08-17-at-10-51-52-am-e1471445666556-650x474As we’ve covered before, Jim Harbaugh is a bit of a grump. He’s also stingy with giving out standard information about his team, like the depth chart — which, unlike almost every other college team in America, he refuses to release each week.

So the University of Colorado, which plays Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines this week, decided they wouldn’t release a depth chart either. And then they went a humorous step further by creating a satirical depth chart — which includes such players as; Danny DeVito, Bernie Sanders, and Willie Wonka, to name just a few.

Colorado’s attempt at trolling the grouchy coach worked. Harbaugh responded to Colorado’s fake depth chart on WXYT radio in Detroit.

“I saw the depth chart,” Harbaugh said, as part of a lengthy, entirely serious rant. “I was trying to imagine how many people sat around and how many hours they worked on that.”

However many it was, it was so totally worth it.

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[image via screengrab]

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