Cruz: Bundy Standoff Culmination of Obama’s ‘Jackboot of Authoritarianism’

Ted Cruz weighed in on the Cliven Bundy situation with Texas radio host Chad Hasty Tuesday, and he called the standoff between Bundy supporters (some armed) and federal agents a tragic situation, but one that was the “culmination” of how President Obama has been pushing for a bigger and more intrusive federal government.

Cruz said that since Obama took over, “we have seen our liberty under assault” from a government “hell-bent on expanding its authority over every aspect of our lives.”

He went after Obama for eroding the nation’s constitutional liberties and not understanding the point of the federal government is to be protecting people’s liberties, “not using the jackboot of authoritarianism to come against the citizens.” So the Bundy standoff, Cruz said, “is the unfortunate and tragic culmination of the path that President Obama has set the federal government on.”

Listen to the audio below:

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