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Cruz Challenges Trump to More Debates, Says Frontrunner is ‘Unwilling’

GOPDebateCruzTrumpSen. Ted Cruz has accused GOP frontrunner Donald Trump of being “unwilling” to match wits in another Republican debate.

“It’s been 41 days since we’ve had a Republican debate,” he told reporters, according to The Hill. “Because Donald Trump is unwilling to stand on stage and debate, because he can’t defend his positions or his policies.”

“Donald concluded the people of New York didn’t deserve a debate, but you know what? I think the people of Pennsylvania deserve a debate. I think there ought to be a debate before the vote next Tuesday.”

The most recent GOP debate took place on Mar. 10. Another debate in Salt Lake City was scheduled for Mar. 21 but was cancelled after Trump decided to sit it out, saying “We’ve had enough debates, in my opinion,” and Ohio Gov. John Kasich followed suit.

Cruz’s remarks come as the party is planning to consider whether or not to hold more primary debates.

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