Cruz Responds to Megyn Kelly Swiping at Him for Speaking at Trump-Led Convention

megyn cruzLast night on Fox News, Megyn Kelly got awfully critical (and a little snarky) towards Ted Cruz. Yesterday Cruz said he accepted Donald Trump‘s invite to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Kelly pointed out last night that not only would it look odd for Cruz to be chummy with a man he called a sniveling coward, but she said, “I wonder how the women of America are gonna react to Ted Cruz getting up there and saying, you know, good things about the man who insulted Ted Cruz’s own wife and her appearance.”

Glenn Beck seemed a little bothered by it and asked Cruz for his reaction. Cruz said, “You know what, life is too short to worry about––that is an institution that can express its own corporate opinion, and it has done so at great volume in the course of the primaries.”

He concluded, “I’m not gonna worry about their attacks.” But no, he did not directly address the criticism of anything he might potentially say about Trump (or the suggestion of tacit endorsement).

Listen above (the relevant part starts at the 11:30 mark), via The Glenn Beck Program.

[image via screengrab]

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