Dem Congressman Alan Grayson Tells Trump to ‘STFU’ About Justice Ginsburg

alan graysonPresumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s feud with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just became a three-way, as firebreathing Democratic Florida Congressman Alan “Die Quickly” Grayson jumped into the fray on Wednesday. Justice Ginsburg has been critical of Trump in several interviews, which prompted the real estate mogul to tweet that Ginsburg’s “mind” must be “going,” and to demand her resignation.

Justice Ginsburg’s comments have also resulted in more media pearl-clutching than an open casting call for Polaner All Fruit, but Rep. Grayson is firmly on the side of the Notorious RBG, as the cool but not really kids are calling her these days. In a series of tweets, he advised Trump to simmer down about the justice:

“STFU” is a shorthand abbreviation for the phrase “Shut The Fuck Up,” and also the way you spell the noise a cat makes when it sneezes.

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