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Dem Hero Elizabeth Warren Goes on Twitter Tirade Against Donald Trump and His ‘Toxic Spew’

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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) took to Twitter after Donald Trump‘s big win in Indiana Tuesday night to bash the GOP frontrunner in an pretty severe Twitter rant, a move that the populist hero has done throughout the 2016 cycle to much fanfare.

Warren, who was encouraged by many last year to hop into the Democratic party race for President herself, has so far declined to offer an official endorsement to either of her own party’s candidates. But that hasn’t stopped the former Harvard Law professor from weighing in on the state of the fractured Republican field, and the events of Tuesday night seemed to strike a chord.

Upon the announcement that Texas Senator Ted Cruz would be suspending his campaign — effectively handing the nomination to Trump — Warren responded as such:

It is that last tweet especially that may lead people to call on Warren to finally weigh in on the remaining Democratic party candidates: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. While the rhetoric from much of Warren’s career seems to align well with the talking points of the Sanders campaign, the Massachusetts Senator has been mum in fully committing one way or the other, and her voice is certainly an influential one for the left.

Last month Warren slammed Cruz directly for an email that the Texas Senator sent to his campaign staff where he, according to Warren, “whined about facing constant attacks, nonexistent family time, limited health and sleep, and no personal time.” She followed that up by furthering, “Are you kidding me, @TedCruz? We’re supposed to pity you because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! 2 words: Boo hoo.” She previously went after Trump at the end of March, emphatically calling the real estate mogul a “loser”: “His insecurities are on parade: petty bullying, attacks on women, cheap racism, flagrant narcissism.”

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.

[Elizabeth Warren image: Tim Pierce via Wikipedia Commons]

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