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Egyptian Blogger Kareem Amer Freed

Blogger Kareem Amer has been freed following his February 6th abduction. Amer had been leaving Tahrir Square with a friend when both virtually disappeared around 11:00 pm. Previously, Amer had stirred up controversy with his views on Islam and his criticism of the way Christians and women were treated in Egypt. It is still unknown who abducted Amer, or for what reason.

His release, Read Write Web reports, was first announced via Twitter, by activist Dalia Ziada. A Twitter hashtag “#FindKareem” had been created in the wake of his abduction and incarceration – yet another example of the role social media played in keeping people informed, in real time and on a grassroots level, on all the goings-on in Egypt.

Amer had previously faced prison time for his online activities (specifically for “contempt of religion” and for “defaming the President of Egypt”), writing after his November 2010 on the website

Throughout the gloominess of the prison walls, there was also a lustrous ray of hope of those who were by my side; expressing solidarity with me and supporting me during my ordeal. Whether they shared the same views with me or not, they all believed in the cause: Freedom of speech for all, regardless differences and orientations. I really can’t thank them enough!

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