FBI Launches Investigation into Aaron Schock’s Spending Habits

If Aaron Schock (R-Instagram) thought resigning his congressional seat would end his troubles over spending, he was sorely mistaken.

According to CNN, the FBI and Illinois federal prosecutors have launched an investigation into the now-disgraced Rep’s spending habits, and will subpoena witnesses for a Grand Jury hearing in Springfield, Il.

Per CNN:

A U.S. law enforcement official says the investigation is at an early stage. Justice Department officials were monitoring published reports about Schock’s expense troubles and were taken by surprise when he announced his resignation, according to another U.S. law enforcement official.

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This all started when the Washington Post’s Ben Terris noticed Schock’s Downton Abbey-inspired office, the pricey decoration of which was a potentially violation of congressional ethics laws.

Once spotted Schock’s ostentatious ways drew the scrutiny of numerous reporters, who found him spending taxpayer funds on everything from a replica presidential lectern to trips to Chicago Bears games. Politico appeared to deliver the fatal blow when they found Schock had billed the government for gas reimbursement on 80,000 more miles than his car had been driven.

Poetically, Schock’s office will likely outlast him.

[h/t CNN]
[Image via Aaron Schock/Instagram]

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