Hoarder Alert: 113 Dead Kittens Found in California Apartment

Monterey County police and SPCA workers were shocked to find 113 dead kittens and 51 ailing adult cats stuffed into one single apartment unit.

The cats were discovered on Tuesday after the building’s property manager came across some dead kittens while inspecting the premises. Concerned, he called the police to tell them of the discovery. Monterey County officers later made their way over to the apartment after a second tip came in alerting officers that more cats were moved to another nearby house.

Officers had to “go through every nook and cranny” in the apartment to find the cats. They reported that all the dead kittens appeared to be less than two months old. As for the 51 adult cats, they were suffering from respiratory illnesses and parasites as a result of being kept in filthy conditions.

Police have refused to identify the cat hoarder in question, though they have urged community residents to send in photos of their missing cats. It is believed that the cat hoarder may have taken cats off the street, many of which could have actually been other people’s pets.

As SPCA Sergeant and pet owner Stacey Sanders stated, “”It definitely makes you go home and kind of hug your animals a little tighter at night.”

(H/T ABC News)

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