Internal Mitt Romney Campaign Email Finds Its Way To Rick Perry’s Camp

Recently, Fox News and other news outlets dedicated a good chunk of air time to an article in Politico that asked “Is Rick Perry Dumb?” The media attention was enough to catch the eyes of Mitt Romney‘s campaign people, who circulated an internal email highlighting Perry’s reaction to questions about his intelligence and comparing the Texas Governor to former President Ronald Reagan, whose own intelligence was called into question during his political career. That email, rather unsurprisingly, eventually found its way to the inboxes of Perry’s own campaign people.

Mark Miner, Perry’s spokesman, told ABC News that the email is, in fact, quite positive:

It’s their e-mail that they’re comparing Reagan to, highlighting the comparison of President Reagan and Governor Perry. We appreciate the Romney campaign providing us some information to send out.

A spokesperson for Romney confirmed that the email had been circulated among his those in the campaign, but clarified that it was one of hundred of emails that make their way around their “war room” each and every day. These emails are meant to keep campaign members informed, but do not necessarily reflect the Romney’s campaign official stance or opinion on any particular issue.

Both Romney and Perry have been enjoying success in early polls, so it very obviously behooves both camps to keep a close eye on buzz about one another. The two are set to face off in next week’s MSNBC debate.

h/t ABC News

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